Make the most of your IT Budget with us

  1. Partnerships with all of the major distributors across Europe
  2. Unbiased presales expertise across the enterprise to help you chose the right technology
  3. Dedicated commodities team with expeditors focussing on best prices with a fast response
  4. Happy to help with commodities from renewing warranties to sourcing peripherals
  5. Accreditations with most of the major vendors means that we get better pricing
  6. Fast deal registration means that we get extra discounts to pass onto you
  7. Competitive friction enables us to get the best possible prices
  8. Close eye on detail ensure that errors are minimised
  9. Happy to produce competitive matrixes so that you can see an unbiased market review from security to CRM
  10. Support in the form of presales and post sales consultancy is available from our operations team for most technologies from SAP to Cisco.