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Ray Holt joins the Audent consortium.

Audent has expanded their senior leadership team and board level expertise with a real gem in the Global business community.  Raymond Holt joins Audent as Chief Financial Officer.  Jeremy Hennequin at the helm of Audent has assembled a team of board members that are leaders in their field.  He comments: “During the interview with Ray, it was clear that he is an all encompassing CFO combining excellent financial discipline with a close eye on innovation and the end customer.  As with all great interviews, it was a fine line between who was interviewing who!  I am sure Ray will help us run a tight ship and inspire us to stay current.  It was a bit surreal interviewing the ex Commercial Manager of Kia Motors!”

Ray is the ex Commercial Manager of Kia Motors, Courts PLC and runs a consultancy business.  The background in automotive and furniture instils discipline, keenly focussed on lean competitive edge in very tough markets.  Ray has been looking for a business that uses a virtual model for some time and supports the Audent approach which uses industry leading expertise when required to meet client demand.  Ray describes Audent: “a bit like the England football team that takes the best resources from across the sport to assemble as one cohesive, virtual team.”   Quick to add to Ray’s comment Jeremy said:  “well, we are like the England football team, but we deliver on time and in budget!”.

Importantly, Ray shares our values.  We actually care about life and business, driving and holding true to our values, the joy and realisation it’s all just about life, working together out of choice and a genuine shared inter-dependency.