Web filtering market analysis saves £32,000

  1. Invited to help a client to select web and email filtering tools for 2,500 users
  2. Summarised essential requirement criteria
  3. Produced a market analysis matrix with Bluecoat, Cisco and Websense (now Forcepoint)
  4. Client tested two products
  5. Asked Audent to look after commercial discussions and we reduced the cost from £62,000 to £29,000
  6. The client bought Forcepoint based on their requirements being met and also cost


The client did not engage with the vendors commercially at all and they were focussed only on the technical aspects of the products for testing.  Audent interfaced with the vendors leaving the customer to make their decision with no pressure.  (They also saved £33,000 per annum by asking Audent to focus on commercials).