Encrypt important data

  1. Asked by a client to help encrypt emails and attached data sent via email often concerning vulnerable people
  2. The client now has the ability to encrypt data at rest, send encrypted emails via mobile device and desktop
  3. The data is now protected in transit and encrypted at rest
  4. Capability to send to third parties at no extra cost if they are receiving emails
  5. Arranged a licence fee one third of the competitive software companies
  6. Ability to set a time limit on the data for viewing, geographic fencing and viewing by user specified groups
  7. Low administration overhead because keys are managed automatically
  8. Keys for encrypting and decrypting are based on private passwords held by each user to prevent mass leakage of passwords.


The client has removed the risk of data being copied or stolen because it is completely unreadable by any unauthorised user.

Client references available on request.