Managed Services

Online backup project covering EMEA

  1. Worked very closely with the client to build a critical requirements list incorporating: staging, cloud storage, retention policies and importantly restore process.
  2. After looking at the backup requirement in detail we established only one of our five vendors was able to restore the most important application SAP.  Running on Oracle the only certified product able to restore the data efficiently was Commvault.
  3. Our online backup specialists really helped to make this project work, suggesting new ways to backup and restore data and make it more efficient.
  4. The project was delivered in budget.  We were able to charge the client on uncompressed data at the front end before it is backed up, helping to control costs based on something we could measure easily.  Starting with 12TB of data to be backed up and forecasted to grow to 40 TB.  Charging on stored data after compression is prone to fluctuation and makes budgeting very hard.
  5. If you would like to talk to us about online backup with no pressure to focus on a particular vendor and get some good unbiased advice, then contact us.


The highly complex retention requirement in this project was easily incorporated into the implementation.  Costs can be easily budgeted using front end data and the cumbersome, on site, tape based backups will be phased out.