Supplier consolidation

Help opening new retail stores

  1. Asked to help a client to source all of the IT equipment for a large number of stores across Europe
  2. Requests involve up to 200 items per store from WiFi to POS and back end systems
  3. Close attention to detail working with over 12 distributors, double checking every line item with our expeditors
  4. Careful monitoring of deliveries to staging areas means that if any items are missing, we will focus on getting them delivered
  5. Maintain close eye on cost and quality
  6. Make sure that current models are supplied from major vendors such as Cisco whilst making sure prices are registered and discounted


Our client is happy that we have such attention to detail which ensures that no projects are delayed.  One item missing can delay a store opening and we mitigate that risk.  The client has also reduced their supplier list by over 12 companies working with us.