ConsultingCyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials certificate issued after some challenges overcome by Audent

  1. Leading innovation agency needed Cyber Essentials Plus to continue interacting with partner companies
  2. A keen eye on security within the client organisation also helped us through a practical gap analysis with one of our accredited cyber essentials consultants (ACE)
  3. Discovered some policy changes and additions that were swiftly implemented by our client
  4. Located two SQL server devices that were not able to be patched (they run sensitive modelling software and any changes would upset some long term research).  Came up with a practical plan and they are segregated by two virtual firewalls to move them out of scope and also protect them
  5. Helped to complete the paperwork and submit to the certification agency which is also the same organisation that has the ACE consultants.  This makes accreditation smoother because there is no disconnect between the ACE consultant and the certification body  Often where separate certification bodies are handed a case to review, thy may not agree with the approach from the ACE consultant which can delay the process
  6. A proud moment when the certificate was issued by the Audent consortium.  A great success story.