500 Mbps network delivered ahead of time for new office.

A new office for a strategic client in Derby was the start of a successful integration exercise for Audent.

  1. Engaged our CTO to help architect new server environment for the new office, using part of it for DR purposes allied to the Birmingham Head Office.  Worked on connectivity requirements for a 500 Mbps dedicated line to head office with a second internet break out for DR purposes.
  2. The line was ordered and installed within 6 weeks ahead of the office opening, ensuring that the new staff had everything they needed including the internal network we provided.
  3. We implemented the server environment on time too.  Our expediters were able to get 30% discount on the servers and switches from our distribution channel, keeping the project within budget and highly competitive.

The Audent consortium owns their own core network.  The core network is based in 6 UK datacentres, 4 in London and 2 outside. These locations have all been chosen for access to ultra high speed network connections & resilience.  Give us a call if you have a connectivity requirement or are looking for a competitive service.