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Product bake off, end user AV. Independent review.

About eight years ago a client mentioned that they were highly disappointed with their incumbent AV provider.  It was letting through malware.  We pulled a team together with our security division.

This is where our independent review process was instigated.  We asked the client if they would like us to review the market and look at the industry leaders.  We decided to look at three areas:  cost per user, user reviews, Gartner (plus other analysts) magic quadrant and then ease of use for administration from a central location.  We decided to score the vendors 1 to 3 on a simple scale for them.

After looking at the market, we shortlisted:  Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, Check Point and ESET.  (We won’t mention who was incumbent).

Once we had gathered the data, we presented a matrix and the client was able to select the technology that they wanted after we arranged some demonstrations.

We won the business after a competitive bid and have renewed the licence each year since.

Our independent, unbiased reviews and activity are shared with a closed community of IT decision makers in a vendor free environment in our Audent Technical Excellence Committee LinkedIn group.  Why not join us?  Here is a link:  ATEC LinkedIn Group.