Microsoft adviceSurface Pro Case

Microsoft how much have you changed?

Gone are the days of blue screens and sluggish performance. Microsoft is actually enabling Audent to be more agile and able to focus more on core business which is to maximise the effect of IT on our customers’ businesses.

There are so many productivity boosts Microsoft has given Audent. Surface Pros load almost instantly, encrypt our data and give us an alternative to using paper to make notes in meetings.  Skype for business is now running our digital reception area where messages are transcribed to emails for our back office team to respond.  Right down to Outlook remembering the location of the last file we saved to remove having to explore for it.

They say Apple design works of art (which they generally do). Have you picked up a Surface Pro lately? It is a solid piece of kit and very well designed.  I never thought that I would be singing the praises of Microsoft.  Even 365 is settling down to be a reliable place to communicate with the world.

Give us a shout if you want a great deal on anything from Microsoft, we are a Microsoft partner after all.