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I am data, continued…..

Life as a salary figure in a spreadsheet can get a bit tedious, especially when it remains the same number for years!  I decided to look for a new career.  I found a job as a temperature figure in a home energy analysis system at a government agency specialising in energy innovation.

I started in a home hub (securely tested using the latest IoT techniques) and made my way to head office across a high speed 500 MBPS link.  I was then modelled with lots of other energy related data on a powerful Dell blade using VMWare as part of a larger Dell chassis across an SSD SAN in a state of the art data centre.  Later that night I was backed up by Veeam and stored on separate media where I met another piece of data (a sparky megawatt measurement) and I asked him out for a coffee if we get restored back onto the SAN.

Luckily enough, we were restored in a DR scenario and met for a coffee.  We linked up again as the modelling process started again.  We both felt secure on the network because Palo Alto defending the network periphery, Sophos was also protecting us and a recent Cyber Essentials certification gave us peace of mind to relax.  The final modelling report was sent using Microsoft 365.

Perhaps another coffee tomorrow he asked, I replied, “Yes why not!”

Thanks goes to the Audent consortium for providing and supporting the data centre, high speed internet, Palo Alto, VMWare, Veeam, Dell chassis and blades, SAN, Sophos, Microsoft 365, the IoT penetration test, Cyber Essentials gap analysis and certification.  This was made possible by our 600 resources, 300 vendors and 10 consortium members who specialise in meeting enterprise IT requirements.  To find out more contact us at