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The good old days at Netstore.

Found my old card sticking out from my desk today from 2007.  Netstore was a great company and had some key attributes:

  • Ethical
  • Customer came first
  • Highly innovative
  • Managed by a team of people that had mutual respect for employees, suppliers and customers
  • Not too greedy and got great deals for customers creating loyalty
  • A sense of family and humour
  • It was as my lucky break from working for organisations where the forecast was more important than anything else

They were acquired by 2e2 who were also a great bunch of people.  Then disaster hit with cash flow issues and it was closed down.  A terrible shame that many of our friends were faced with no job back in 2011.

Now we are bringing those key aspects back into corporations across Europe with great success where we have taken it a bit further and made technology secondary to customer requirement.  The good news is our consortium of 10 specialist IT companies has many of the Netstore and 2e2 friends working with us at the disposal of our growing customer base.  So the story ends happily ever after:)