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Jeremy Hennequin

Jeremy Hennequin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Audent Limited.  A veteran in the IT industry with 33 years of experience.  Jeremy’s approach is the cornerstone of the Audent consortium, looking to understand requirements in detail before recommending a fit for purpose technical solution.  Technology is secondary to customer requirement.

Experience deploying most of the top vendors and service providers across the IT industry provides Jeremy with a valuable breadth of knowledge.  He regularly consults with the global investment community to give them insight into market trends and competitive landscapes, helping them to make informed investment decisions.

As the founder of the concept of brining together some of the Uk’s most talented IT professionals into a virtual model, combing forces and creating a long term, innovative IT partner.  (Effectively, a neural network of expertise to deliver solid IT systems).  Jeremy maintains a very close relationship with the Audent customer base to ensure that needs are being met in an efficient manner and also involving them in looking at new ideas.

Discussing the individual businesses and their challenges is also an area that enables Audent to reflect on existing IT systems and help to deliver harmonisation between IT and businesses, with focus on their customer interactions.

Honoured to be working alongside some of the leading experts in their field across enterprise IT.  The combined knowledge of our SLT spans a huge pool of expertise including: a Masters in IT law, proven digital transformation experience, enhanced rapid development of e-commerce systems, proven permanent staff placement, enterprise change control, customer interaction enhancement, holistic IT security, cutting edge managed services and detailed knowledge of supplier consolidation.  The SLT members are also advocates of technology is secondary to customer requirement, making Audent truly vendor independent.

Each member of the SLT is engaged with their own company or employer (formal Audent consortium members) and forms a team that manages over 600 resources to incorporate into virtual teams to deliver the best and most agile partner for each client project.  The analogy that Audent is a virtual company and has similarities to VMware is very apt, just people instead of compute resources.  In his spare time he is also Chief Commercial Officer advising the consortium and vendors to simplify their pricing models.  Also acting CAD when required.  (Chief Advisory Designate).