Digital transformation

Digital transformation is another way of saying IT is aligned to your business and customers. We demystify the term digital transformation.

Audent has a service to link business plans together with IT and make deployment a reality.  This creates a robust journey to increased competitive edge. Our experienced team of business and technical architects use the following approach:

  • We assist with expediting process automation from easier to use e-commerce to call center optimisation and internal systems
  • A reusable, proven six week consulting exercise with agreed outcomes including budget, ROI and timeframes
  • Commercial and deep technical knowledge bridges the gap between business and IT
  • Address the challenges with the right questions surrounding people, process, data and technology
  • Focus on customer staff and ensuring that they are unencumbered by manual tasks and free to be creative
  • Deliver a plan incorporating a transformation roadmap with realistic projects as part of a programme from concept to deployment and support
  • A clear roadmap to deploy systems from hardware and cloud systems to detailed handover with application development teams
  • Clear definition of how much, when, how the deployment will work and return on investment
  • Constantly updated with international research from sources such as Harvard incorporating techniques such as managing change one day at a time
  • We adopt a practical approach to transformation by pinpointing areas of maximum impact as a priority with controlled roll out plans.

We are happy if you want us to help with deployment or hand over to your teams in a self sufficient manner.  If you want us to help with deployment we have:  over 200 relationships with key vendors, managed application developers, enterprise architects, IT managed services from Azure to private cloud, security architects, governance consultants and 24/7 support teams.  (We call it our EcoSystem).