Demystifying digital transformation at Audent.

The term digital transformation is often shrouded in mystery. It is seen as complex, takes a long time and is very expensive. How many of you have seen business plans take too long to implement and also prove virtually impossible to deploy from an IT perspective? We bring business and IT worlds together. We take a practical view at Audent and demystify digital transformation. (We are considered as agile).

Our team of experienced business and technical architects have taken the essential elements of business planning through to deployment of IT to enable digital transformation. We have developed a proven consolidated approach to making plans come to fruition in a programme covering the following areas:

  1. A reusable, proven 6 week consulting exercise with agreed outcomes including budget, ROI and timeframes
  2. Commercial and deep technical knowledge bridges the gap between business and IT
  3. Address the challenges with the right questions surrounding people, process, data and technology
  4. Deliver a plan incorporating a transformation roadmap with realistic projects as part of a programme from concept to deployment and support
  5. A clear roadmap to deploy systems from hardware and cloud systems with detailed handover to application development and IT teams
  6. If you want us to help with deployment we have: over 200 relationships with key vendors, managed application developers, systems architects, IT managed services from Azure to private cloud, security architects, governance consultants and 24/7 support teams. We call it our EcoSystem.