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Do you police your social media policy? We think you should.

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Many organisations have had a social media policy in place for some time.  Yet we have found that policing the social media footprint of employees and contractors is another matter.  We have developed an AI based open source intelligence platform.  Managed by our team of ex Police, Military and Government staff, we produce fantastic insightful reports highlighting any issues.

This does not have to be a negative thing either, because issues like own goals (something that can influence the reputation of an employer and employee) can be deleted, restoring the right image instantly.  If you use your own staff to do screening it can create unconscious bias towards individuals which can be a legal nightmare.  Giving us your screening means we stay focussed on just the issues that impact business reputation with protected characteristics.

To make the policing job affordable, we produce these reports for £50 per person and always ask the person being screened for their permission.  Contact us to find out more at


Are your people your biggest asset, or biggest threat?

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We think the majority are definitely assets. However, a large number of threats to businesses come from within the organisation from data leakage to reputational damage.

At Audent we have extensive security infrastructure and governance expertise.  We believe strongly that alongside a robust security infrastructure allied to good governance should be thorough screening of staff.  After all most security breaches are the result of human intervention. The Audent consortium now has a screening division.

Our screening is unique and complimentary to traditional services like Experian, where we go beyond the boundaries of a CV.  Our services start at £50 for a detailed social media sweep.  (This could help with any own-goal postings that could be removed to firm up reputations of the individual and the employer).

At Audent we believe that managing people risk is a critical part of any successful organisation.  As the sheer volume of data on each of us continues to grow, the traditional due diligence process has fallen behind the pace.  The biggest challenge to looking deeper and further across all of the internet (i.e. below the surface of Google etc) is one of scale, time and expertise.  This is where we can help you to better identify risk.

Our platform, driven by Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning makes this approach comprehensive and cost effective.  We uncover and investigate data from unlimited open sources including social media, the deep and dark web so that we can provide our clients with actionable insights via clear, easy to understand reports and risk dashboards.  Our expertise mixes a unique blend of cyber security, military and intelligence, with business and financial services backgrounds.

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