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New partnership announcement. Audent is like a Chameleon in many ways.

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Chameleons are a very apt species to use for this partnership announcement. They have the ability to adapt quickly to change on demand and have independent eyes to keep an eye out for danger, risk and opportunity. Audent is a consortium group of specialist companies that consult with customers to achieve the best IT solutions based on requirement, often taking on responsibility with each project to have an independent set of eyes on the business and how IT supports growth.

We are pleased to announce today that Marjolo have joined us and bring a very interesting management consultancy approach that enhances the Audent Consortium. Marjolo centre themselves on how to? how long? and how much? They have turned management consultancy on it’s head by using proven acceleration techniques; which is a refreshing change, we hope you agree.

Marjolo have delivered a series of successful projects such as:  £50,000,000 in operational saving to a telco using techniques to automate complex processes, securing £1,600,000 investment for systems development to share data in a government department surrounding the EU exit and delivering a fintech Open Banking Solution that was portable and easy to deploy. Leveraging up to the minute insights and techniques from global thought centres (MIT Sloan, HBR, Gartner, Forrester) and combining this with real life, practical, experiences from public and private sector; makes this new consortium member able to work with each business and maximise technology for growth. Using short form (two-six weeks) sprint techniques ensures that projects happen on time and faster than previously experienced.

In the event that you would like a briefer engagement to engage with us on a first pass to explore our capabilities we have launched a service called Impact90. This is a fast track approach to fast track delivery in an area that is high priority such as automating customer interaction processes.

The Impact90 service addresses the following areas in a one day workshop:

• Your organisation’s ambitions and timescales
• Understand immediate concerns and issues
• Identify the first changes to deliver in 90 days
• Define how the changes will be implemented

We would be happy to arrange an introductory call to talk further about your plans or you can email us at

Join us in welcoming Marjolo and we hope to meet you soon. (Probably on Teams, Zoom or other virtual technology under the circumstances).


Audent, independent research finds shocking price differences with 365 backup vendors. Some apples are more expensive than others.

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Audent is an independent systems integrator. Our philosophy is that technology is secondary to customer requirement. Very often, when asked by clients to help with finding the right technology for their requirement, we review the available options in the market. Often starting with Forrester and Gartner positioning to pick our shortlist of vendors. We then find out more about functionality verses price to help our customers make an informed decision. We are also a reseller of the major vendors giving our clients the freedom to buy from us if they would like to.

The global investment market has been a fan of these independent Audent reviews for over 7 years because they get insight into the real world using live intelligence to help decide where to put their hard earned investment money. Very often we have to work out if we are comparing apples for apples and in some cases we are and why are the prices so different?

In a recent exercise where we compared the market leading vendors in 365 and general enterprise backup we found some shocking results where one vendor was in fact nearly 10 times the cost of the market leader who met the same functionality brief given to us by the customer. If you want to find out more we can release the results to you with no obligation and also free of charge. Let us know and respond to this blog. (Independent reports are generated in conjunction with the Audent Technical Excellence Committee, ATEC).