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Calling all senior IT decision makers, join us at ATEC. The Audent Technical Excellence Committee.

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Audent’s ATEC now invites senior IT Managers to join and benefit from a unique community of like minded people.

The idea behind ATEC is that members consist only of consumers of enterprise IT products and services who can join for free. Sharing ideas and projects without re-inventing the wheel has helped members accelerate innovation.

Headed up by Audent and several senior IT decision makers, ATEC is a forum where products and services can be reviewed without any bias. (Chaired by a senior IT Manager from one of the UK’s largest Universities).

If you are looking at advancements in technology, come and share experiences, learn who are the most suitable providers for you in the supplier community.

It is a great unbiased environment to establish which technology and services will suit your need. We are able to engage vendors and service providers in bake off scenarios where your requirement is paramount. Allied to being able to review major and niche suppliers, you will also have a community of peers to join forces with and accelerate to your chosen goals.

Interested in joining ATEC? Then contact us at