Ray Holt joins the Audent consortium.

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Audent has expanded their senior leadership team and board level expertise with a real gem in the Global business community.  Raymond Holt joins Audent as Chief Financial Officer.  Jeremy Hennequin at the helm of Audent has assembled a team of board members that are leaders in their field.  He comments: “During the interview with Ray, it was clear that he is an all encompassing CFO combining excellent financial discipline with a close eye on innovation and the end customer.  As with all great interviews, it was a fine line between who was interviewing who!  I am sure Ray will help us run a tight ship and inspire us to stay current.  It was a bit surreal interviewing the ex Commercial Manager of Kia Motors!”

Ray is the ex Commercial Manager of Kia Motors, Courts PLC and runs a consultancy business.  The background in automotive and furniture instils discipline, keenly focussed on lean competitive edge in very tough markets.  Ray has been looking for a business that uses a virtual model for some time and supports the Audent approach which uses industry leading expertise when required to meet client demand.  Ray describes Audent: “a bit like the England football team that takes the best resources from across the sport to assemble as one cohesive, virtual team.”   Quick to add to Ray’s comment Jeremy said:  “well, we are like the England football team, but we deliver on time and in budget!”.

Importantly, Ray shares our values.  We actually care about life and business, driving and holding true to our values, the joy and realisation it’s all just about life, working together out of choice and a genuine shared inter-dependency.


Audent, independent research finds shocking price differences with 365 backup vendors. Some apples are more expensive than others.

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Audent is an independent systems integrator. Our philosophy is that technology is secondary to customer requirement. Very often, when asked by clients to help with finding the right technology for their requirement, we review the available options in the market. Often starting with Forrester and Gartner positioning to pick our shortlist of vendors. We then find out more about functionality verses price to help our customers make an informed decision. We are also a reseller of the major vendors giving our clients the freedom to buy from us if they would like to.

The global investment market has been a fan of these independent Audent reviews for over 7 years because they get insight into the real world using live intelligence to help decide where to put their hard earned investment money. Very often we have to work out if we are comparing apples for apples and in some cases we are and why are the prices so different?

In a recent exercise where we compared the market leading vendors in 365 and general enterprise backup we found some shocking results where one vendor was in fact nearly 10 times the cost of the market leader who met the same functionality brief given to us by the customer. If you want to find out more we can release the results to you with no obligation and also free of charge. Let us know and respond to this blog. (Independent reports are generated in conjunction with the Audent Technical Excellence Committee, ATEC).


Demystifying digital transformation at Audent.

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The term digital transformation is often shrouded in mystery. It is seen as complex, takes a long time and is very expensive. How many of you have seen business plans take too long to implement and also prove virtually impossible to deploy from an IT perspective? We bring business and IT worlds together. We take a practical view at Audent and demystify digital transformation. (We are considered as agile).

Our team of experienced business and technical architects have taken the essential elements of business planning through to deployment of IT to enable digital transformation. We have developed a proven consolidated approach to making plans come to fruition in a programme covering the following areas:

  1. A reusable, proven 6 week consulting exercise with agreed outcomes including budget, ROI and timeframes
  2. Commercial and deep technical knowledge bridges the gap between business and IT
  3. Address the challenges with the right questions surrounding people, process, data and technology
  4. Deliver a plan incorporating a transformation roadmap with realistic projects as part of a programme from concept to deployment and support
  5. A clear roadmap to deploy systems from hardware and cloud systems with detailed handover to application development and IT teams
  6. If you want us to help with deployment we have: over 200 relationships with key vendors, managed application developers, systems architects, IT managed services from Azure to private cloud, security architects, governance consultants and 24/7 support teams. We call it our EcoSystem.
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Audent. Here for the long haul, unlike some others.

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Audent grows from strength to strength based on long term, strategic partnerships with clients since 2010.

We are a consortium of 10 separate, specialist companies spanning the most important areas of IT.  600 resources and over 250 vendors gives us so many opportunities to add real value.  Here is one journey we have had with a client spanning 8 years:

1.   In 2010 we were asked to provide a WiFi router to this strategic client, we were price competitive and delivered quickly.

2.  We were invited to help with the provision of the security estate and implemented, Check Point, Clearswift and Cisco ASA.

3.  We also provide 24/7 help desk support for the security estate.

4.  Won a bid to implement online backup.

5.  Delivered a market analysis of anti-virus products to replace Sophos, the client chose Symantec for 350 users.

6.  Won the bid for a new storage environment with EMC for the NAS, coupled with Cisco and Dell to complete the   implementation.

7.  Introduced Vodafone to replace EE on 350 handsets.  Won the contract with £30,000 extra hardware fund together with completely funded Microsoft 365 environment for 350 users.

8.  Delivered the latest Windows phones to complete the mobile working enablement capability.
We were invited to write a five year IT strategy with our interim CIO over a 6 month period, working closely with key stakeholders to really understand what the business needed. Delivered the strategy.

9.  Also invited to bring on board our interim IT Manager to deliver the strategy over 4 years as part of the customer team.
Implemented Microsoft 365 with our Microsoft cloud team on time.

10.  A stronger reliance on cloud drove the requirement to replace aging internet connectivity and Audent won the public bid with delivery of dual 200 Mbps circuits.

11.  Won a bid to implement WiFi on seven floors working with Cisco and Cisco Meraki.

12.  Converted all hardware warranties across the estate to reduce warranty costs by over 30%. SLAs range from 4 hours to next business day.

13.  Our resourcing division was successful in placing two engineers to assist with managing IT and support under the newly appointed IT Manager who was recently promoted.

14.  Successfully completed a pen test and instead of simply handing a remediation report to them, we met and discussed how to remediate using our infrastructure knowledge.  We also offered unlimited remediation advice at no charge.  We are focussed on making our clients more secure rather than simply ticking a pen test tick box.

15.  The partnership continues…

The Result

We have grown with our customer and we are seen as an integral component of the IT capability, remaining preferred supplier based on a proven track record.  The customer benefits from our pool of resources and excellent prices from diverse routes to market.  All of the above projects have been sourced through the Audent consortium, making procurement much easier. References on request.


GDPR a practical approach from the team at Audent

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Audent provides GDPR services to help reduce the risk of personal data exposure.

The biggest drivers for general data protection regulation readiness is the protection of personal data and any information leading to the discovery of personal information.  (Not forgetting a fine of 2% to 4% of global turnover is a motivation too).  From mobile IMEI numbers to portable storage devices and opt in schemes for customer data.   Information technology is only part of the overall GDPR landscape, spanning processes, policies and reporting.

Audent provides planning, strategy and implementation support with an innovative Data Protection Officer as a service concept.  Educated in GDPR, data protection laws and practices, our team of consultants are experienced in providing support for the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court amongst many.  Tony Richards (Audent’s Chief Compliance Officer) who heads up the practice says:  “This is a great service to add a virtual resource to your team assisting with the management of GDPR, reducing the risk of exposure and subsequent fines.”

If you are looking for practical advice or a service to manage GDPR across your organisation, then contact us, we will be happy to help.

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A refreshing approach

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The IT industry is full of people and organisations that lead engagements with their technology.

How many times do you meet technology companies that lead with a product without actually asking you what your plans are and what is important to you?  There are so many sales people out there who simply believe if they talk about their products it will persuade you to buy them.

We have seen sales people continue to pitch products even when the customer has said that they have no need for the product at all! They are totally convinced that every corporate should buy their product.  What is happening out there?

We know that pressures are so high to meet financial targets in the technology industry that it is driving many sales people to forget about the customer completely.

All you have to do is park the technology with the targets and listen like we do at Audent, then start to work on the right technology for the customer.




Audent interview with CRN Magazine

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Virtually working together

Doug Woodburn Managing Editor at CRN explores the Audent consortium. 

Audent says its virtual model is ‘way forward’ for channel Reseller consortium Audent claims it is taking the market by storm with its ‘virtual’ model after enlisting resourcing professional services consultancy Klarion Ltd as its tenth member.

Founded in 2010 by former 2e2 manager Jeremy Hennequin, Audent leads a consortium of suppliers offering services covering security, mobile working, managed services, supplier consolidation, application development and resourcing.

Talking to CRN, Hennequin said the addition of Klarion will help it meet demand from clients looking to recruit technical staff.

“We took the top-10 CIO wish list and instead of employing 500 staff, we went to ten different companies to fulfil those areas and said ‘come and join the consortium and we will take on the likes of BT’,” Hennequin said.....

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