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Audent, Microsoft Surface Commercial Partner

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After investing in a Surface Pro as my main device for day to day work, I have been very pleased with the excellent build quality, reliability and it is a real productivity tool.  (Boot times are almost instant, no need to make a coffee whilst the machine boots up).  The Surface Pen even feels just like a real pen and paper using OneNote when I make meeting notes.  (Not only that you can programme the pen button to do things like move to the next slide in Power Point).   The Italian, Alcantara detachable keyboard is beautifully crafted and has a real mechanical feel.

We like the device so much we became a Microsoft Surface Commercial Partner.  A bit like Victor Kiam!  (If you can remember him, then we know how old you are:)!

We now have deal registration capability, additional discounts on all commercial Surface products.  This Commercial programme will be the only route to get Windows 10 Pro moving forward as Windows 10 Home edition will be on consumer devices.  BitLocker is one very important extra available with Windows pro, ticking boxes for 27001 and GDPR.  Here is a full list of Pro extra features:

  • BitLocker to encrypt external drives
  • Remote Desktop to access your PC while away from home or the office
  • Hyper-V for running virtual machines
  • Join Azure Active Directory to connect your school or business network to the cloud
  • Join a Domain to connect your PC to a private business network.

If you are considering these brilliant devices and peripherals, then look no further.  Contact us at

We would be happy to help you get productive without going over budget.


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Virtual companies are the way forward just like virtual operating systems, Audent has been doing this since 2010.

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Audent Limited leads a group of 10 separate companies to meet the requirements of it’s corporate customers.  Like VMware, we manage virtual teams to meet the IT demands of major corporates.  The difference with us is that we engage our resources only when they are needed.  This makes us very lean and agile.

The analogy is a bit like comparing a large corporate IT supplier with thousands of employees (like an old mainframe, always on even when not processing) with Audent spinning up expertise when required in virtual teams (like a modern VMware estate, only on when needed).  The consumption of power, fuel and other vital resources is hundreds of times lower at Audent because we are only using the resource pool of 600 experts when needed.  This enables us to maintain competitive edge with reduced overheads.

Our carbon footprint is massively reduced.  Like a pilot light, our core team of senior managers is ready to react fast and spin up expert teams quickly to meet demand.  From Cyber Essentials consulting to implementing a hybrid cloud infrastructure, we are ready to help, fast.

It has been said that companies that grow over 100 staff start to forget who their customers are and their management often forget who their staff are.  Smaller companies care more about their customers.  Let’s face it each £1 means more to small company compared to a massive entity.

We have taken 10 smaller, specialist companies spanning the important areas of IT and combined them in the Audent Consortium. This gives us scale and expertise to compete with the big players yet we still value our customers and they get the attention they deserve.  We have also invited some of the top experts globally to join us and ensure we deliver the best solutions.  Many are drawn to us because our philosophy is that technology is secondary to customer requirement.  We are requirement led and not product led like so many other IT integrators.

Doug Woodburn (Managing Editor, CRN Magazine) wrote a great summary last year and was taken by our virtual structure. See the blog:  Interview with Doug.  If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Audent. Here for the long haul, unlike some others.

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Audent grows from strength to strength based on long term, strategic partnerships with clients since 2010.

We are a consortium of 10 separate, specialist companies spanning the most important areas of IT.  600 resources and over 250 vendors gives us so many opportunities to add real value.  Here is one journey we have had with a client spanning 8 years:

1.   In 2010 we were asked to provide a WiFi router to this strategic client, we were price competitive and delivered quickly.

2.  We were invited to help with the provision of the security estate and implemented, Check Point, Clearswift and Cisco ASA.

3.  We also provide 24/7 help desk support for the security estate.

4.  Won a bid to implement online backup.

5.  Delivered a market analysis of anti-virus products to replace Sophos, the client chose Symantec for 350 users.

6.  Won the bid for a new storage environment with EMC for the NAS, coupled with Cisco and Dell to complete the   implementation.

7.  Introduced Vodafone to replace EE on 350 handsets.  Won the contract with £30,000 extra hardware fund together with completely funded Microsoft 365 environment for 350 users.

8.  Delivered the latest Windows phones to complete the mobile working enablement capability.
We were invited to write a five year IT strategy with our interim CIO over a 6 month period, working closely with key stakeholders to really understand what the business needed. Delivered the strategy.

9.  Also invited to bring on board our interim IT Manager to deliver the strategy over 4 years as part of the customer team.
Implemented Microsoft 365 with our Microsoft cloud team on time.

10.  A stronger reliance on cloud drove the requirement to replace aging internet connectivity and Audent won the public bid with delivery of dual 200 Mbps circuits.

11.  Won a bid to implement WiFi on seven floors working with Cisco and Cisco Meraki.

12.  Converted all hardware warranties across the estate to reduce warranty costs by over 30%. SLAs range from 4 hours to next business day.

13.  Our resourcing division was successful in placing two engineers to assist with managing IT and support under the newly appointed IT Manager who was recently promoted.

14.  Successfully completed a pen test and instead of simply handing a remediation report to them, we met and discussed how to remediate using our infrastructure knowledge.  We also offered unlimited remediation advice at no charge.  We are focussed on making our clients more secure rather than simply ticking a pen test tick box.

15.  The partnership continues…

The Result

We have grown with our customer and we are seen as an integral component of the IT capability, remaining preferred supplier based on a proven track record.  The customer benefits from our pool of resources and excellent prices from diverse routes to market.  All of the above projects have been sourced through the Audent consortium, making procurement much easier. References on request.

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Great facilities at Arrow ECS in London.

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Just working out of the Arrow ECS offices in London.  Great facilities which are made available to resellers and virtual systems integrators like the Audent consortium.

Arrow distribute market leading products which are used by many of the Audent client base from Check Point to Veeam.  They have also helped us close Juniper business over the years too.

Thanks to Arrow for your hospitality and a great environment when we are in town to grow our business moving into the final quarter of 2018.

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The Audent consortium has their own core network, low cost and high quality.

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The Audent consortium has their own core network and is providing high speed internet connectivity to corporates and government organisations.  Our prices are lower, yet we are able to offer resilient lines with excellent SLAs.  Our lead times to get a line installed are also very short, helping to meet critical deadlines.

The core network is based in 6 UK datacentres, 4 in London and 2 outside. These locations have all been chosen for access to ultra high speed network connections & resilience. Global connections to overseas offices are not a problem.

Give us a call if you have a connectivity requirement or are looking for a competitive service.

More details on our last successful project are detailed here:

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The good old days at Netstore.

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Found my old card sticking out from my desk today from 2007.  Netstore was a great company and had some key attributes:

  • Ethical
  • Customer came first
  • Highly innovative
  • Managed by a team of people that had mutual respect for employees, suppliers and customers
  • Not too greedy and got great deals for customers creating loyalty
  • A sense of family and humour
  • It was as my lucky break from working for organisations where the forecast was more important than anything else

They were acquired by 2e2 who were also a great bunch of people.  Then disaster hit with cash flow issues and it was closed down.  A terrible shame that many of our friends were faced with no job back in 2011.

Now we are bringing those key aspects back into corporations across Europe with great success where we have taken it a bit further and made technology secondary to customer requirement.  The good news is our consortium of 10 specialist IT companies has many of the Netstore and 2e2 friends working with us at the disposal of our growing customer base.  So the story ends happily ever after:)

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Audent expands with appointment of new Sales Director, Ray Mossom.

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The Audent consortium of companies is growing and we would like to welcome Ray Mossom to the business. As Sales Director, Ray will be leading the communication with new customers to establish where we are able to help and build the client base.

Ray and Jeremy Hennequin (Audent CEO) worked together in 1990 for 5 years at Legent and noticed they had the same approach where technology is secondary to customer requirement, actually listening to customers first. 27 years later we have decided to work together again. Ray has been at IBM, BMC, Trend and many leading IT vendors together with managing start-ups over the years helping corporates to build highly effective IT systems.

We will be approaching new clients and existing to discuss their plans for IT and then explore where our: 600 technical resources, 200 vendors, managed development capability, cost effective managed services and staffing capabilities are able to add real business value.
As a proper Geordie (where you can see the Tyne from your house), Ray also has a relaxed low pressure approach to sales and account management. No need for translation either!

Join me and the board in Audent in welcoming Ray to the team.

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A refreshing approach

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The IT industry is full of people and organisations that lead engagements with their technology.

How many times do you meet technology companies that lead with a product without actually asking you what your plans are and what is important to you?  There are so many sales people out there who simply believe if they talk about their products it will persuade you to buy them.

We have seen sales people continue to pitch products even when the customer has said that they have no need for the product at all! They are totally convinced that every corporate should buy their product.  What is happening out there?

We know that pressures are so high to meet financial targets in the technology industry that it is driving many sales people to forget about the customer completely.

All you have to do is park the technology with the targets and listen like we do at Audent, then start to work on the right technology for the customer.