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Robot vs Human?

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Recently we have seen a massive increase in bot technology using AI to converse on web sites.  Yet from personal experience I have noticed that they are a bit too fast moving for comfort.  A bit like walking into a shop and the shop keeper is too quick to ask what you are looking for and you have had no time to look around!

Recently I was on a web site and chatted to what I thought was a bot and asked if they were human.  They responded with “Lawns like robots, not people!”

Immediately, I felt more at ease and carried on with my enquiry.  However, was that AI?  Well, we can tell you now that our chat service has humans at the other end and no AI.  Test us out to see the difference!

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I am data, continued…..

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Life as a salary figure in a spreadsheet can get a bit tedious, especially when it remains the same number for years!  I decided to look for a new career.  I found a job as a temperature figure in a home energy analysis system at a government agency specialising in energy innovation.

I started in a home hub (securely tested using the latest IoT techniques) and made my way to head office across a high speed 500 MBPS link.  I was then modelled with lots of other energy related data on a powerful Dell blade using VMWare as part of a larger Dell chassis across an SSD SAN in a state of the art data centre.  Later that night I was backed up by Veeam and stored on separate media where I met another piece of data (a sparky megawatt measurement) and I asked him out for a coffee if we get restored back onto the SAN.

Luckily enough, we were restored in a DR scenario and met for a coffee.  We linked up again as the modelling process started again.  We both felt secure on the network because Palo Alto defending the network periphery, Sophos was also protecting us and a recent Cyber Essentials certification gave us peace of mind to relax.  The final modelling report was sent using Microsoft 365.

Perhaps another coffee tomorrow he asked, I replied, “Yes why not!”

Thanks goes to the Audent consortium for providing and supporting the data centre, high speed internet, Palo Alto, VMWare, Veeam, Dell chassis and blades, SAN, Sophos, Microsoft 365, the IoT penetration test, Cyber Essentials gap analysis and certification.  This was made possible by our 600 resources, 300 vendors and 10 consortium members who specialise in meeting enterprise IT requirements.  To find out more contact us at

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Do you police your social media policy? We think you should.

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Many organisations have had a social media policy in place for some time.  Yet we have found that policing the social media footprint of employees and contractors is another matter.  We have developed an AI based open source intelligence platform.  Managed by our team of ex Police, Military and Government staff, we produce fantastic insightful reports highlighting any issues.

This does not have to be a negative thing either, because issues like own goals (something that can influence the reputation of an employer and employee) can be deleted, restoring the right image instantly.  If you use your own staff to do screening it can create unconscious bias towards individuals which can be a legal nightmare.  Giving us your screening means we stay focussed on just the issues that impact business reputation with protected characteristics.

To make the policing job affordable, we produce these reports for £50 per person and always ask the person being screened for their permission.  Contact us to find out more at

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Audent, Microsoft Surface Commercial Partner

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After investing in a Surface Pro as my main device for day to day work, I have been very pleased with the excellent build quality, reliability and it is a real productivity tool.  (Boot times are almost instant, no need to make a coffee whilst the machine boots up).  The Surface Pen even feels just like a real pen and paper using OneNote when I make meeting notes.  (Not only that you can programme the pen button to do things like move to the next slide in Power Point).   The Italian, Alcantara detachable keyboard is beautifully crafted and has a real mechanical feel.

We like the device so much we became a Microsoft Surface Commercial Partner.  A bit like Victor Kiam!  (If you can remember him, then we know how old you are:)!

We now have deal registration capability, additional discounts on all commercial Surface products.  This Commercial programme will be the only route to get Windows 10 Pro moving forward as Windows 10 Home edition will be on consumer devices.  BitLocker is one very important extra available with Windows pro, ticking boxes for 27001 and GDPR.  Here is a full list of Pro extra features:

  • BitLocker to encrypt external drives
  • Remote Desktop to access your PC while away from home or the office
  • Hyper-V for running virtual machines
  • Join Azure Active Directory to connect your school or business network to the cloud
  • Join a Domain to connect your PC to a private business network.

If you are considering these brilliant devices and peripherals, then look no further.  Contact us at

We would be happy to help you get productive without going over budget.


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Great facilities at Arrow ECS in London.

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Just working out of the Arrow ECS offices in London.  Great facilities which are made available to resellers and virtual systems integrators like the Audent consortium.

Arrow distribute market leading products which are used by many of the Audent client base from Check Point to Veeam.  They have also helped us close Juniper business over the years too.

Thanks to Arrow for your hospitality and a great environment when we are in town to grow our business moving into the final quarter of 2018.

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The good old days at Netstore.

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Found my old card sticking out from my desk today from 2007.  Netstore was a great company and had some key attributes:

  • Ethical
  • Customer came first
  • Highly innovative
  • Managed by a team of people that had mutual respect for employees, suppliers and customers
  • Not too greedy and got great deals for customers creating loyalty
  • A sense of family and humour
  • It was as my lucky break from working for organisations where the forecast was more important than anything else

They were acquired by 2e2 who were also a great bunch of people.  Then disaster hit with cash flow issues and it was closed down.  A terrible shame that many of our friends were faced with no job back in 2011.

Now we are bringing those key aspects back into corporations across Europe with great success where we have taken it a bit further and made technology secondary to customer requirement.  The good news is our consortium of 10 specialist IT companies has many of the Netstore and 2e2 friends working with us at the disposal of our growing customer base.  So the story ends happily ever after:)

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Amazing picture on Google Earth

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This is a one in a million photo from space to share. What are the chances of this happening? I was looking at on old property on Google Earth and right above my street caught on camera was an Air Canada aircraft!

The chances of seeing something like this are so remote I thought I would share it.  If you look at Groves Close, Bourne End in Google Earth you can see it’s real.  The Finance Director of Air Canada emailed me and said that it was no longer in service and was a few years old.