Application development services

Audent provides complete turnkey end to end software consulting and development services.  This includes projects which involve basic conceptualisation, architectural planning, development, deployment and long term maintenance.  We have over 20 years experience of international consulting and development.  Our focus is on core business systems, often helping to build new systems and modernising legacy systems.

Easy, methodical engagement models enable us to engage with clients whatever their stage in the development life cycle, from conception to joining a development lifecycle and helping to rescue projects that are not on track.

Core services cover the following areas:

  • Experienced in augmenting development teams to involve existing staff in joint approaches
  • Digital transformation, focussing on business process automation and our expertise to migrate manual systems to a digital platform
  • Hosted version control and issue management
  • Legacy modernisation, helping to refresh older applications to embrace new technologies
  • Application development, looking at new projects and delivering mission critical functionality
  • API integrations, bringing disparate systems together to work together seamlessly.

Audent takes pride in working on the cutting edge of technology and has covered expertise in various technologies involved in web computing such as Webservice (WCF), REST, PHP and associated frameworks, JAVA, GIS for Web and more.  The complexity of the solution that is provided is suitably handled by various supporting technologies such as ActiveX, VB, C#, ASP.NET and ISAPI.  Audent has experience of developing in C / C++ in such a way that the code can be used in a platform independent deployment.

We also use GitLab for collaboration and value regular communication with our customers ensuring that we are synchronised with the same goals. We have helped many clients build industry standard processes around their development environments.

One key differentiator about our application development service is the focus on communication with each customer.  A process of communication is agreed with each client to meet their needs.  In some cases we may have a daily update with PMO staff to make sure focus is aligned to business needs where certain projects may change in priority over night.  Allied to close contact between project managers on both sides of the partnership, we also have an account management team to maintain contact with stakeholders helping to manage expectations.  (Key focus on the impact of delivery against business objectives is essential for success).

From bespoke e-commerce systems to legacy modernisation, we are happy to get involved with your strategic development plans.  If you would like to talk further please do not hesitate to contact us.