Totally unique

Set up in 2010 using the Gartner top 10 CIO wish list as a foundation for our products and services.  Audent was built using investment to bring together 10 separate, specialist companies under one combined consortium banner forming a very interesting IT EcoSystem.  The business model is totally unique adopting a virtual project team structure utilising over 600 resources when required.  Each company is contractually bound to work within the rules of the consortium and also key members of staff from each company take a formal role on the Audent board.

Every project is assigned a virtual team to meet expertise requirements and Audent takes on the role of co-ordination with the client, just like a hypervisor.  This diverse range of skills and expertise is available on demand for all of our clients just like a virtual server only active when resources are needed. The costs associated with staffing and office space are reduced massively.  Our model also makes us extremely agile.

Commercially we do not add margin on top of margin, we agree prices that are discounted with all of the consortium members.  Very often we are able to get greater discounts when compared to working directly with suppliers.

The combination of low overheads, agility, extensive expertise and putting technology secondary to requirement creates a formidable IT partner.

Our EcoSystem has managed application developers, business architects, systems architects, IT managed services from Azure to private cloud, security architects, governance consultants, over 200 relationships with key vendors with 24/7 support teams.  From digital transformation to deployment and support we are an ideal partner to enhance competitive edge through innovative IT systems.