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“The award winning innovation centre that we created at Energy Systems Catapult was to be unique and push the boundaries of workspaces and we needed partners that understood not the brief, but our vision and intent. Jeremy and Audent were outstanding in their support, insight and delivery, offering us possibilities that we struggled to find elsewhere. I would highly recommend engaging with Audent and I hope to in the future on similar projects”.

Marc Stone, CFO.

Highly recommend engaging with Audent.

“What we like about Audent is the sheer number of products available and the fact that the consortium members are accredited in so many of the leading vendors that we use.  This has helped us reduce the number of suppliers we have by about 20.  We notice that Audent are faster to react than our old IT partners and care about our business.”

“Audent provide committed customer focus across a wide range of services, effective channel and vendor relationships. Audent takes complexity out of today’s ever increasing licensing challenges.”

“Audent is a preferred supplier to NEC Europe. Audent’s consortium approach co-ordinates industry experts and multiple technologies into systems that are right for NEC’s business. Their pre-sales expertise gets the right technology in place and they have enabled us to consolidate our suppliers. We see the account team from Audent as part of the NEC team.”

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Ray Holt joins the Audent consortium.

Audent has expanded their senior leadership team and board level expertise with a real gem in the Global business community.  Raymond Holt joins Audent as Chief Financial Officer.  Jeremy Hennequin at the helm of Audent has assembled a team of board members that are leaders in their field.  He comments: “During the interview with Ray, […]

New partnership announcement. Audent is like a Chameleon in many ways.

Chameleons are a very apt species to use for this partnership announcement. They have the ability to adapt quickly to change on demand and have independent eyes to keep an eye out for danger, risk and opportunity. Audent is a consortium group of specialist companies that consult with customers to achieve the best IT solutions […]

Robot vs Human?

Recently we have seen a massive increase in bot technology using AI to converse on web sites.  Yet from personal experience I have noticed that they are a bit too fast moving for comfort.  A bit like walking into a shop and the shop keeper is too quick to ask what you are looking for […]

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